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Coronavirus Update: Chorley PS Shutdown

At a club meeting last night, we agreed to cancel the rest of our photographic season and our regular summer outings. This puts our next scheduled meeting at September 7th for the start of the next photographic season. This decision was taken against the backdrop of the latest government advice around limiting socialising with others as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of members, some of which are classed as vulnerable to the situation. It is also highly likely that St Mary's Parish Centre will close in the next few weeks.

This has a significant impact on our club and a number of key events in the calendar will need to be looked at. Whilst no firm decisions have been made at this time, the following outline decisions have been made:

  • Annual Competitions: Many of our members look forward to the annuals and we will look at having our annual competitions at the start of the next season, around September time.

  • AGM: Clearly our AGM can not go ahead as planned and this is a legal requirement. Again, we will look to hold this meeting at the start of the next season, possibly before a regular club night.

  • Competitions: In light of potentially having two sets of annual competitions next year, we will look at the overall number of competitions to maintain an appropriate balance.

  • Finances: We will finalise our accounts and get them audited, in line with our constitution.

These are pretty much unprecedented times for the club and there is little guidance, other than around the health situation from from the government, on what we need to do as a charity and club. Should the situation improve ahead of the September restart, we will potentially arrange some events, such as outings or competitions.

We are also looking at the potential of some kind of 'online' events in the interim period. We will post all updates on our website, so please keep an eye out for them.

In the meantime, we hope that our members and families remain safe during this difficult time.

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