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Holiday in The Gambia with Kitty and Geoff

Geoff and Kitty Walsh will he heading for their annual holiday in the Gambia in December and would love for their friends at the club to join them. This is not a photographic workshop and nobody will be making any money, it’s just Kitty and Geoff opening their holiday to their friends from the club that may wish to join them.

Every year Kitty and Geoff take amazing pictures that do well at the club and The Gambia is a location they have enjoyed both the photography and the relaxing environment.

They will be away from December 8th until the 22nd and will spend some time at the coast before heading inland to shoot birds, monkeys, village life and a school.

Kitty estimates the costs at no more than £1500 per person and will share their own travel plans with you and help you book the trip so anyone travelling can travel and stay together.

Anyone interested should contact Kitty directly at the club or on facebook.

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