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Print Critique. Are you Printing?

For many, photography is all about the print. The experience of having an image to hold in you hand and the relationship between ink and paper. It's also about the ability for the photographer to allow viewers to see the image as they intended, without needing to worry about screen brightness and colour settings.

Monday evening at the club presents a great opportunity for some amazing print critique from other members as well as a number of award wining photographers and judges. All we ask is you bring in some prints, A4 unmounted prints will be fine, for small group critique.

We are also looking for entries for the Bob Robinson Novice Cup, a competition specifically for photographers that do not have any awards, certifications and accolades. This competition is part of the L&CPU Big Day of Photography. Further details can be found here.

We will also be providing guidance on competition entry for any new members that need it.

So, are you printing some of your photographs this weekend in preparation?

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