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National Honour for Noel Morgan APAGB

Updated: May 27, 2020

Before our most recent competition started, we had the honour of presenting an APAGB award to one of our Members. In addition to being recognised by Chorley PS with an Honorary Life Membership and being admitted onto the L&CPU Roll of Honour, Noel Morgan has been awarded the prestigious APAGB for his services to UK Photography.

The above photograph is Noel with his APAGB award (taken at f5.6 at a safe 2.5m) curtesy of Gordon Jenkins.

The PAGB Award for Meritorious Service was instituted in 1984 to recognise individual Club members who have given service over many years within the PAGB community of member Federations and affiliated Clubs. Award holders may use the designation ‘APAGB’.

Presented by James Hardy, Acting President of the L&CPU, using Zoom, Noel was quite literally lost for words as James read the PAGB citation for the award which received a virtual round of applause and congratulations from the rest of the club.

The full citation reads:

"This person joined his present Photographic Society after seeing their Annual Exhibition in a neighbouring town in the early 90’s.

He was an ‘ordinary member’ for a couple years, but once established, he was voted onto their committee where he served from 1994 to 2019 - some 25 years.

During that time, he has held a number of posts, but it was when he took over being the club Competition Secretary that he raised the profile of the society by entering competitions etc. The club was one of the forty clubs that entered the first Inter Club Print Championship at Pershore where they came a credible 8th and were invited back to Leicester the following year,

It was during his tenure that he oversaw the transition from slides to digital - a medium he fully embraced.

He made sure that the Society was one of the first clubs in the UK to use Dicentra and he became the ‘go to person’ for other clubs (even Wigan 10) if there were any issues.

It was in 2007 he was elected to become a committee member of the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Union and a year later became their competition secretary where he again oversaw the move from Slides to Digital Projection and the purchase of the various computers and projectors

In 2012 he was awarded a place on the L&CPU roll of Honour

It was this gentleman’s influence and know how that enabled the PAGB to make the move at the Inter Club Championship from slides to PDI when he was involved in the initial trials of the system in Smethwick. It was definitely through his influence and knowledge that the PAGB were able to keep the same competition format as the slides - something which, at the time, was thought not possible.

During the last 12 years he has, on behalf of the PAGB, helped to run the Inter Club PDI Championship and on two occasions, he was the projectionist.

In 2019 his club, Chorley Photographic Society, made him a life member for services to the society for over 25 years"

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