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Christmas Meeting (20th December) on Zoom

Dear Club Members

We have received a number of notifications from people that they will not be attending the Club Room Christmas Night on Monday, and due to the increasing infection rates, the committee has made the decision that we should only go ahead with the Christmas Night this Monday on Zoom, to avoid being a source of spreading Covid-19 and so that there is a greater chance of members being able to celebrate with their families at Christmas.

We realise this may be disappointing, but hope you will still join us on Zoom for the Presidents Competitions Judging, Christmas Quiz and a bit of fun. (You will find the Zoom link on our Club website What’s on Calendar)

We will make the decision as to whether we can return to the Club Room in the New Year (which will be dependent on if there any more restrictions and /or if the venue is forced to close again).

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Kindest Regards

Jane M Lines MPAGB

Chorley PS President

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