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Time to Re-engage with CPS and a Virtual Critique Session

These are interesting and unprecedented times and as we settle down into lockdown we wanted to reengage and try to keep a semblance of order by running some events remotely.

Our first virtual session will be a critique session, which will be run though our newly modified Competition Portal that allows remote scoring (Our thanks to Adrian Lines for this).

In a similar format to our usual critique sessions, our virtual critique will run as follows:

  • members will be invited to upload images to to the the critique 'competition' in our competition portal. This will be open for entry in the next day or so and will close for entries next Wednesday (22nd April)

  • From the 22nd April, members will be able to critique images in the system by logging into the competition portal and leaving constructive comments against members images.

  • On Wednesday 29th April, we will hold a live 'Zoom' Video session where Jane, Adrian and others will summerise the comments and give overall feedback on images.

  • This zoom session will be recorded and made available on YouTube for those that are unable to join live.

Now, there is a lot of technology involved here, most of which we have never used in this situation before, so the risk of something going a little squiffy is quite high. Never the less, nothing ventured nothing gained, so lets go for it!

In preparation for the live feedback on Zoom, if you can get yourself a Zoom account (it's free) and install the software on your computer that will save you a little time on the night and help things run a little smoother. I will send out details of the zoom meeting a little closer to the time.

We also have a few other things in the pipeline...

  • Keep an eye out for our tutorials each week that will be published on our YouTube channel, this week we are playing with incense sticks and photographing smoke.

  • We are also exploring some speakers that can present over zoom so we can enjoy some lectures together.

  • Finally, we are looking at options to hold our Annual PDI competition remotely.

Stay safe and regards, Will

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