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Our Favourite Photos

Our meeting on June 22nd will focus on our members favourite photos.

We would like members to upload three of their favourite photographs to the competition portal where a competition has been created (My Favourite Images June 2020).

We are looking for what you currently consider to be your three favourite photos that you have taken. These may not be the images that have done well in competition or they may have won an international gold metal. They may not be technically perfect but they could remind you of a special time in your life. This is not a competition, we would love for you to talk us though the three images you have taken and uploaded and tell us all about them.

Whilst we are using the competition portal to collect the images, they will not be scored and there are no winners - it's just about members sharing their images and coming together to discuss photography.

The meeting will take place on Zoom, starting at 8pm. Full details of the zoom meeting are:

  • URL:

  • Meeting ID: 352 737 6357

  • Password: cps

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