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  • Martin Coupe

New Season - Fast Approaching.

It's just over a week now before the 2020/2021 season of virtual sessions commences.

We now have events arranged right up until Christmas time, with work continuing to arrange further sessions well into 2021.

All the events from the club’s programme have been placed on the club's calendar, which is available on the what’s on page on our website. There’s a lot of good and varied things in there now, which will hopefully cater for everyone taste. 

DON'T FORGET - in order to participate you must be a paid up member. The deadline for paying your annual subscription, if you haven't already done so, is Sunday 6th September.

It’s also worth noting that the link to the ZOOM meetings will be changing, from September, members will have to use a new link, rather than the one we are currently using. Details are: 


Meeting ID: 876 5198 5739

Passcode: cps

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