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L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition 2021

The 2021 L&CPU Annual Individuals Competition was held over the weekend and a number of our members did well.

Due to the congoing COVID restrictions, the judging was again run via Zoom and was judged by Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB Hon PAGB EFIAP/g, Bill Hall. DPAGB AFIAP FBPE and Mike Sharples MPAGB ARPS EFIAP FBPE.

Well done done to all our members that took part, it's particularly nice to see some new names on the list...

Chorley members receiving individual awards included:

  • Christine Dickinson - Goshawk with Prey - Commended

  • Mr Robin Price - Vulture Dispute - Commended

  • Mr John Cobham - Wild Kestrel Landing - Commended

  • Mr Robin Price - Hyena Skirmish - Commended

Individual Category Rankings for Open Digital for Chorley members included:

  • 11th - Steve Proctor DPAGB, BPE5*

  • 24th - Robin Price BPE1 and David Butler MFIAP MPSA ARPS BPE

  • 33th - Christine Dickinson CPAGB

  • 40th - Arun Mohanraj

  • 53th - Lee Sutton CPAGB BPE4*

  • 74th - James Hardy CPAGB LRPS

  • 114th - John Chafer

  • 166 - Brenda Dean

  • 167 - Jeanette Savigar

Individual Category Rankings for Nature Digital for Chorley members included:

  • 5th - John Cobham

  • 8th - Robin Price BPE1

  • 31th - Christine Dickinson CPAGB

  • 40th - Steve Proctor DPAGB, BPE5*

  • 48th - Arun Mohanraj

  • 75th - Lee Sutton CPAGB BPE4*

In the Digital Worker of the Year, Chorley members received the following results:

  • 14th - Steve Proctor DPAGB, BPE5 and Robin Price BPE1

  • 25th - Christine Dickinson CPAGB

  • 35th - Arun Mohanraj

  • 50th - Lee Sutton CPAGB BPE4*

  • 113th - David Butler MFIAP MPSA ARPS BPE

  • 127th - James Hardy CPAGB LRPS

  • 141th - John Chafer

The full scores can be found on the following links:

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1 Comment

May 09, 2021

I think the members awards on the L&CPU could do with a bit of an update

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