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Full Summer and 23/24 Season Programmes Published

The Team have been busy preparing our programme of events for both our summer outings and the full 2023/24 season and they have created an amazing schedule of events with (literally) something for everyone.

Starting on Monday 15th May with our first outing to Yarrow Valley, our summer schedule takes us all around the NorthWest to some of the most popular and photogenic locations. These include the ever popular Media City, Skipool Creek, Glasson Dock and Heysham.

As the night start to draw in from September, we will head back to the club for our 23/24 season and in addition to the usual competitions, we have lined up an outstanding series of lectures from award winning UK recognised photographers covering almost every genre of photography. We also have a few evenings where we have arranged models and we can actually take pictures (we are a photography society after all).

Copies of both programmes can be downloaded on the following links, but please do keep your eyes on our website for any last minute changes.

Many thanks to Susan Jackson and Geoff Kennedy for arranging the summer outings, and Gordon Jenkins for the the 23/24 Season.

We are all looking forward to such a great programme and welcoming both new and prospective members to join us over the summer and beyond...

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