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CPS - The Art of Composite Photography!

A new ZOOM event has been added to the CPS calendar for the 28th September!

The event will be presented by Sharon and Robert Prenton Jones and their presentation will be entitled:

'The Art of Composite Photography' - "The thinking behind some of their images. The fun involved both on the shoot and playing with PS afterwards. Hints, tips and plenty more. Deconstructing images and making a composite image live”

Sharon and Robert are both multi award winning national and international photographers, who have had their images exhibited all over the world. They are regularly called upon to deliver talks and workshops to camera clubs around the UK and Ireland. Known for creative and post - processing skills, they have delivered many workshops on Photoshop and Composite photography.

Examples of their work can be found on their website HERE!

Come along and join us for what will be a very informative and entertaining evening.

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