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CPS - Non League Challenge Project.

During our last meeting on 12th Oct 2020, it was announced that there is to be a 'Non League Challenge', being held at our regular meeting place and time on the 19th October 2020.

Please everyone have a go at this competition. There are 2 themes to choose from enter one or both!! Further details can be found below:

Master of Photography - Challenge Project

Theme 1 - Autumn,  Theme 2 - Home.

Please submit up to 3  Projects per theme, each one consisting of up to 4  images to tell your story  presented on a 1600 x 1200 digital background of your choice.  

The images can be made up of as many elements as you like as long as they have all been photographed by yourself between 12th and 18th October 2020.

If you would like to add any text to explain your project, please add this in the comments section of the image when you upload it.  Remember, this is a non league challenge.

The Chorley Club Competition Entry System is now open for entries

Competition Entry Closes 18th October 2020

Judging will take place on Monday 19th October 2020 - Judge Christine Widdall  MPAGB, FBPE, AFIAP, APAGB, Hon L and CPU

Access to the meeting is via the usual link, which can be a found on the ChorleyPS website.


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