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Kitty Walsh has made some enquiries with Bolton based ATLAS Studios, on behalf of Chorley PS with regards to arranging some photo shoots.

The sessions can be arranged for :

  • Beginners / New Members

  • Advanced Members

Beginners / New Members ( 4 - 10 per shoot).

These sessions are for people who have never taken photos in a studio and would like to have a go. 3 Hour Session, £15 per person. Help and advice will be given on the day.

Advanced Members

These sessions are for people with knowledge and experience of studio work.

3 Hour Session £40-50 per person. This additional cost is to cover the hire of additional models for the session.

Booking your place.

If you are interested in 'having a go', or you have any further questions please contact Kitty directly, using this link.

N.B. All activities detailed here are no profit making for all Chorley PS members and are intended to help them improve their techniques and experience.

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