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2022 ICPA Competition Results

The 2022 ICPA Competition results are in and Chorley PS have had a good result, wining both the Frank Sellers Trophy and the Toulmin Shield. We also cam third in the Arthur Clayton Rosebowl, loosing out to Preston and Leyland by 5 points.

Credit to all those that took part, with particular mentions for:

  • John Cobham - 2nd in the Frank Sellers Trophy with ' Dew Covered Common Blue'

  • Adrian Lines - 3rd in the Frank Sellers Trophy with 'Under the Sea'

  • Jane Lines - 3rd in the Arthur Clayton Rosebowl with 'Moonlight Escape'

  • Wendy Stowell - 3rd in the Toulmin Shield with 'Resident Eagle Owl'

Full results are as follows:

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