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Kitty's Orphanage Appeal

Kitty Walsh will be going to Gambia in the next few weeks and will be helping an orphanage.

She will be taking a load of stuff and already has a good selection of toothbrushes, toothpaste, first aid kits, pens, books and other things that would be useful for the children.

However, she would also like to buy some rice and would like club members help. Kitty would like to ask any members (that would like to) to donate a small amount to help her buy rice. She will have a tub on the table near her on Monday night for donations and even if it's just 50p every little helps. A large bag of rice is £25 and she would like to raise enough for 2 bags.

This is not the usual kind of message we put out, but it's Christmas and whilst we (hopefully) enjoy our own festive celebrations it might be nice to help others a little less fortunate.

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