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  • Howard Brown

Matching competition

Monday saw the annual matching competition between Accrington, Leyland and Chorley PS. The evening was hosted by Chorley PS and judged by the inimitable Mike Lawrence suitably dressed as a ring master! An extremely entertaining evening with audience heckling at the very heart - Mike was in his element!

Leyland took the lead at halftime followed closely by Chorley and Accrington. The annual matching competition wouldn't be the same without refreshment so a huge thanks to Kitty Walsh for organising an amazing buffet feeding over 70 members from three societies! In total 90 images were shown across the three societies with matching and best images receiving points. Final scores were Accrington in third place with 14 points, Leyland in second place with 22 points and the nights winners Chorley with 24 points! Here's to the next one!

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