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...and we are back!

It's been a great summer and for once the weather has been very kind to us. It's almost over now though and tomorrow we will be back at our regular venue of St Mary's Parish Centre in Chorley to start our 18/19 indoor syllabus. It's a new look as well, as St Mary's has had a bit of a makeover, which includes some blackout blinds over the windows to stop that pesky sunshine hitting the screen (on the rare occasion is gets in the way).

Our first night back will be our annual awards night, complete with a buffet so there is plenty of time to catch up after the summer. We'll also show our traditional summer video. The certificates are printed, trophies engraved and we are looking forward to celebrating our members success from last year before we get stuck into the new syllabus.

If you have not rejoined for the coming year, now would be a great time to do it. You can rejoin online using the following link. (Re-join here).

On the otherhand, you don't want to recieve our emails anymore there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.

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