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GB Nature Cup - Chorley Win

It's another proud day for Chorley PS as it is announced that we have won the 2018 GB Cup. As a club, we have an extremely strong group of nature photographers and this win is a credit to all our members and places us as the best nature photographers in Great Britain. In addition to Chorley, there were 8 other Lancashire and Cheshire groups in the top 20 clubs, an amazing result for the region.

Here are the top ten clubs for the Nature competition in the 2018 GB Cup.

1. Chorley Photographic Society (137) 2= Wigan 10 Foto Club (133) 2= Worcestershire Camera Club (133) 4. Dorchester Camera Club (129) 5. Keswick Photographic Society (127) 6= Doncaster Camera Club (126) 6= Poulton le Fylde Photographic Society (126) 6= Dumfries Camera Club (126) 6= The Evolve Group (126) 10= Smethwick Photographic Society (125) 10= Mid Cheshire Camera Club (125) 10= Colchester Photographic Society (125) 10= Edinburgh Photographic Society (125)

Individual awards were made to Roy Rimmer "Best Watering Hole" with his photograph "Wasp Collecting Water" and John Barlow won "Best Prickly Perch" with Stonechat Feeding". Both won Bronze awards and congratulations go to both of them. In addition, Roy also won Nature Photographer of the Year for his overall personal combined score.

The individual scores for our full entry can be seen here.

Additional thanks go to Jane Lines for organising our entry and having the eye to spot those outstanding images from the many amazing nature photographs we see in the club.

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